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Giving priority to action

Our team

MasterKey was founded in January 2004 by two specialists in change and performance:
Jerry Penxten and Noël Maes..
The founders' major objective was to provide you only with what you need: nothing more, nothing less.

40 years of experience at your disposal

After having worked in several training bureaus, coaching offices and consultancies and having led more than 250 missions, Jerry Penxten and Noël Maes decided to pool their 40 years of experience by founding a consultancy, unique in its approach and its purpose.

Giving priority to action and concrete results

The founders wanted to offer companies what they lacked the most: a partner whose only purpose is to make its clients more independent and to succeed autonomously. MasterKey wants to reach its aims, not via great theories, but through actions in the field. In this way our clients can take advantage of MasterKey’s field experience.

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