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Giving priority to action

About MasterKey // Collaborators // Animators

Our animators will bring you their creativity, enthusiasm and ability to organize and animate dynamic and mobilizing events. It is their goal to transform your meetings and conventions into places of exchange and emulation.

A MasterKey convention is conceived as a unique moment that will be positively remembered and provide its participants with what they came for. It ensures the immediate implementation of the company’s decisions and orientations.

Making sure your key messages are remembered

Our animators aim at giving real impact to your messages.

Their expertise and experience will help you to :

  • select and prepare your essential messages
  • align them with the participants’ expectations
  • make sure they are understood, supported and remembered.

Stimulating participation to increase mobilization

The MasterKey animators have mastered the communication techniques. They will not only help you make your speeches captivating and interactive, they will also allow your audience to participate. In this way they avoid possible indifferent and passive attitudes of the participants. They will constantly be involved and given responsibility to try and translate your – or their own – ideas into concrete applications, action plans and realistic and measurable objectives.

Transforming reflection into concrete action in the field

Each convention is unique. Each event has its own objectives, e.g. clarification of the new strategy, integration of new collaborators, presentation of the new environment or organization. Each time the final objective is different. And yet, to MasterKey and its animators, the most important thing is not what was said during the convention, but what the participants will do in the field the following day. The information passed on at a convention is only a means, a stimulus to move into action, to work differently and better than before.

According to your needs, our animators can take up one or more of the following roles :

  • Facilitator – to ensure exchange, participation and interactivity
  • Catalyst – to make the audience more dynamic, enthusiastic and prepared