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Giving priority to action

About MasterKey // Collaborators // Coaches

Our coaches consider it essential for your teams and collaborators to surpass their limitations
and to find within themselves the means, ideas and talent that will lead to success.
Our coaches are modest people with great empathic talent. Their only mission, to help you progress.

Accelerating your development

MasterKey coaches act as catalysts. We are convinced that, at one moment or another, the coachees would have found the solution themselves. But then, it might have been too late or they would have needed too much time to test their hypothesis. With Masterkey they will find the appropriate solution more easily and more quickly.

Developing gradually

To MasterKey, coaching means giving support which can help you improve the gradual development of mentality, attitudes and behaviour.

Our coaching process is threefold :

  • 1. Putting yourself, your team and your company into perspective
  • 2. Increasing confidence in yourself, in others and in the future
  • 3. Developing independence and performance

Giving collective and/or individual support

The purpose of individual coaching is to align individuals with the corporate strategy. Collective coaching, on the other hand, intends to strengthen the permanent dynamic of amelioration, put the strategy into place and accelerate the desired development.

At MasterKey, coaching is a tool effective at two levels :

  • personal development
  • collective performance