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Giving priority to action

About MasterKey // Collaborators // Consultants

At MasterKey, being a consultant means 'standing back', 'analysing the situation', 'giving advice'
and 'finding potential solutions'. The MasterKey consultant does not know better than the client,
does not want to sell his knowledge and truth.

Standing back

For MasterKey there are no perfect solutions. It is important to compare and consider the pros and cons. To immerse yourself into reality to avoid two major risks: precipitation and subjectivity. Our consultants share their past and experiences to help you put things into perspective. They make you realize that steering a company through permanent change equals extinguishing fires which were unavoidable.

Helping to decide

We forbid ourselves to decide in your place.

We think our role consists in :

  • Giving you the information that will enable you to make decisions
  • Clarifying the process that will ensure good decisions.

Our consultants’ presence will help you, in the first place, to :

  • Understand the causes and consequences of a situation
  • Offer you the opportunity to compare yourself with similar companies
  • Put things into perspective and make decisions with knowledge of causes