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Giving priority to action

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The MasterKey trainers are, above all, specialists in uncovering hidden talent. Most participants already possess practical intelligence. The trainer uncovers, stimulates it and puts it to work within the team.

Uncovering talent

Standardizing, moulding and imposing norms are not part of the aims of training. Training should allow individuals to express their differences and singularity. MasterKey favours a participatory approach, using eclosive pedagogy based on maieutics and andragogy, which enables true talent to emerge.

Mobilizing energy

During seminars 30% of the time is dedicated to knowledge transfer. The remaining 70% are devoted to sharing, reflection, adaptation and practical application.

The purpose of the MasterKey seminars is to dynamize and valorize, not to teach ex cathedra courses. Our training is synonymous with mobilization. They should help rekindle people’s fire, recognize their contribution and valorize their progress.

Sharing ‘best practices’

Our customized seminars allow sharing the ‘best practices’ that have generated the success of your company in the field. Ultimately, success is more important than theory. It is essential to stimulate people to do better and act differently by allowing them to accept themselves as they are and face their responsibilities. They need not copy others. They need not be perfect.

Immersion into operational activities

Our seminars have been designed to deal with real problems, to address real needs. The intellectual dimension of our seminars is rated at its true value. It is no use transforming your managers into communication experts when they are only required to become better public speakers. Giving priority to operational activities and change in the field is what counts.