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Giving priority to action

About MasterKey // Originality

MasterKey has chosen to put the client at the centre of its policy. Our ideas, tools and methods are resources at the client’s disposal. He can use them whenever he needs to, always remains independent and keeps permanent control of his priorities.

Using our clients’ practical intelligence

To help you reach your goals, MasterKey prefers not to substitute for your teams.

We do not pretend to know your company better than they do. We do not master all the elements that have allowed your company to become what it is today. We need your teams to help us. We need their practical intelligence, intelligence, energy and common sense.

Promoting the operational dimension

In order to help companies achieve their goals, we favour operational support.

Theories, models and other intellectual concepts are only useful when they stimulate people to act, improve and progress. It is not necessary to learn them by heart, but to be able to apply them.

Combining the rational aspect with the human factor

Your company’s success depends on its leaders, products, strategy, processes and customers.

All these factors have to be managed judiciously. Ultimately, the human factor remains the key factor for success. Not a single strategy can succeed, not a single battle can be won without it. Change happens in people’s minds before it becomes visible in their behaviour.

Succeeding using the available means

By using every possible means, MasterKey tries to make its clients more autonomous, capable of succeeding independently. We enable them to adapt permanently and reach their objectives, using the resources available within the company.

We pay particular attention to :

  • Strengthening available talent and best practices
  • Maintaining a positive attitude in case of error or failure
  • Transforming each obstacle into a new challenge