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Our clients // Testimonials

MasterKey would like to thank the following clients for their brief comments on our methodology and philosophy.
We are grateful to them for their loyalty and trust during each of our missions.

Jean-Louis OliéCEO BL Security and Services with Thales

« We have full confidence in MasterKey. Their experts and consultants have mastered all operational aspects of a company. Their common sense and their readiness to help us combine change and performance make it easier for us to simplify our processes, procedures and essential interfaces. Their approach enables us to quickly implement our strategic plans and turn our objectives into concrete results. ».

Jean-Marc PerraudVice-President Energy Division Europe Business at Cegelec

« MasterKey is unique in the way they convey their expertise and experience. Their trainers are modest and objective. They never claim to know more than we do, but confine themselves to what we lack the most: perspective, time and efficiency. MasterKey uses a two-tiered approach: in the short term they provide concrete solutions based on their experience, in the medium term they enable us to find future solutions independent of external support. ».

Lambert VerjusPresident of the Board of Directors of SPF Economie

« The reputation of consultants is well known. They need 50% of the time to understand my problem, 25% to make me understand their solution and the remaining 25% to explain how to implement it. With MasterKey it is completely different. They dedicate all the time to enabling us to discover the problems, to find solutions and implement them independently. They do not substitute for our teams, they reinforce them. ».

Laurent DeschouwerManaging Director of WDM Database International

« MasterKey’s originality is not confined to the fact that they master all the aspects of human capital development. They also succeed in translating theory into concrete actions which are instantly applicable. With MasterKey you do not become an expert in leadership, but a real leader who relies on his own talent rather than on standard solutions offered in books. ».

Serge Cadilhac Commercial Director at Alstom Power Service France

« Over the years we have developed a real bond with MasterKey. Each of our strategic changes, centralization or decentralization, has been supported by their consultants and coaches. They have helped us look at permanent change in a positive and constructive way. Through them we have learnt that mistakes can be the main source of major ameliorations ».

Corinne BenharroshRecruiting Director Selor

« In my career I have often had the opportunity to appeal to external partners: consultants, coaches and trainers. Most of them seemed to know more than I did. Before I had time to explain my problem, they had already come up with a solution. In MasterKey I have found a partner that listens, analyses, thinks and shares the group’s experience with me in order to help me find a solution to my problem. ».

Alain LaeremansTraining Director at Sofinco (Group Crédit Agricole)

« MasterKey adds a new dimension to training. No more ex cathedra lessons, no more complicated case studies, no more role-plays which only embarrass the participants, no more gurus whose theories are only applied by themselves. MasterKey’s methods are participatory, centred on the participants’ reality and aimed at taking on responsibility. The sessions come in workshop format, which allows the participants to demonstrate their qualities in subgroups. The animator-facilitator-coach channels, distributes, stimulates and expresses appreciation. His aim is to make everyone stronger by taking account of each participant’s personality and qualities. ».