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[+] An enriching and worthwhile training period
[+] National or international missions
[+] Opportunities to share your experience and expertise


Enriching and worthwhile training period

MasterKey regularly collaborates with universities and colleges of higher education either to design tools or to assist them with their own development. This cooperation has led us to accept trainees regularly.

We are looking for trainees of character, who want to immerse themselves in the corporate world – far from theoretical and esoteric discourse which prevents action. Our trainees spend 70 % of the time in the field, drawing practical lessons from participating in concrete projects, observing and assisting our consultants. The remaining 30% are dedicated to sharing best practices and acquiring knowledge which is directly related to the operational aspect of our missions.

Interested ?
Forward your application, indicating what kind of training you are looking for, to Noël Maes.


National and international missions

MasterKey regularly recruits animators, trainers, and coaches to participate in large-scale projects. These assignments may demand a consulting, coaching as well as a training approach. Our interventions vary in nature. They may focus on developing leadership, increasing profitability of commercial efforts, introducing or improving an assessment system. Our efforts can be aimed at the board of directors, strategic management, operational management, commercial teams or experts, engineers.

For this kind of assignments, we are looking for consultants who :

  • have at least ten years of useful experience as an external consultant
  • are proficient in the language used during the assignment
  • demonstrate sufficient mastery of the client’s sector
  • use a dynamic approach when animating and coaching teams and individuals
  • have the ability to detect and strengthen talent
  • have a knack for synthesis and are capable of streamlining the ideas of a team.

Integration into a large-scale assignment will be preceded by a training period dedicated to MasterKey’s philosophy. Candidates will be selected by MasterKey through a half-day assessment. Selection is subject to the client’s approval.

Interested ?
Forward your application, indicating what kind of mission you are looking for, to Noël Maes.


Sharing experiences and expertise

To develop its international network, MasterKey is looking for comparable structures, well integrated into their regions and using a similar approach.

Partnership will be based on :

  • Exchange of Best Practices
  • Common use of methods and tools
  • Finding opportunities for international cooperation.

Interested ?
Forward your application, indicating what kind of partnership you are looking for, to Noël Maes.