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Focusing on essentials

Our mission // Accelerating ... // Anticipating and approaching future changes in a positive way 

Each change hides the next. The life of modern companies is a succession of change, amelioration and mutation, which allows them to adapt constantly. Therefore, anticipating change is more important than letting it happen to you. To create and sustain an environment synonymous with permanent amelioration, we advise you to adopt the following good habits.

To create and sustain an environment synonymous with permanent amelioration,
we advise you to adopt the following good habits:

Feeling inspired by the success of others

Lots of interesting things happen within as well as without your company.

‘Benchmarking’ and ‘Network’ are indispensable tools for a company to keep an open mind.
Monitoring the development of their competitors and staying informed about similar organizations are valuable learning activities for those companies that want to know how their environment will develop.

MasterKey analyses the key factors and the good practices of all those that are successful in their sector in order to feed your inspiration and help you act differently and do better.

Developing polyvalence

Work fragmentation and repetitive tasks are strong obstacles to polyvalence. Polyvalence requires the ability to perform diverse tasks, using diverse aptitudes, on a regular basis. Our experts in labour science promote activities that increase responsibility, taking charge of a large number of tasks that involve individuals and allow them to improve themselves.

With your cooperation, MasterKey will elaborate strong processes, capable of improving productivity and motivation simultaneously. These processes will accustom individuals to permanent change and adaptation.

Strengthening internal exchange

At MasterKey permanent amelioration is not a theoretical concept. It is a state of mind, a series of activities that each company can maintain to move from reflection to action and anticipation.
To strengthen creativity, innovation and initiative, MasterKey organizes and co-animates progress teams, sharing groups and thematic workshops.

Their aim is to activate your teams, promote exchange of ideas and experiences, valorize ideas and stimulate reflection on the company’s as well as their own future.

Consulting those in the field regularly

Companies need to keep alert and notice what is going on internally as well as externally. They have to remain aware of the state of mind of those working in the field. MasterKey helps you consult your teams from a distance, using surveys, questionnaires and interviews.

Their aim is to analyse and measure the positive and negative elements in your environment on a regular basis. They detect indications of change or potential problems. They help you react when necessary and anticipate future orientations and events before others do.