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Focusing on essentials

Our mission // Accelerating ... // Working out and communicating your new strategy 

Implementing a new strategy does not only concern the management teams. If the operational teams in the field have not understood the impact of the new strategy at their level, they will go on doing what they were used to and wonder what purpose strategists serve.

Modernizing your strategy

The management teams have to question themselves regularly to give their strategy new impulses.

The lifespan of strategic choices is becoming shorter and shorter. Several times a year past decisions need to be questioned. Are they still valid today and will they still be tomorrow?

To accept imperfection

The strategic role of leadership teams is essential. They analyse the developments in their environment, they consult their networks, they evaluate expected and unforeseen changes, anticipate the future ... to make the best decisions while taking the local factors and the interests of all parties into account.

How often will their decisions make everybody happy? How often do they make the most appropriate choices?
And yet, they have made the best possible decisions in good conscience.
But who will be convinced? The leadership teams themselves, their managers or the teams in the field?

Making your decisions more motivating

It is the leading teams’ task to find the best possible solutions and to assume responsibility for the consequences of their decisions. The operational teams in the field, however, do not always understand the objectives. They feel that change just happens to them.

To generate respect for your decisions, with their advantages and drawbacks,
MasterKey offers you its experience at three levels :

  • making you strategy more comprehensible
  • promoting adherence to the decisions that result from your strategy
  • stimulating participation in putting your action plans into place

Putting your trust in the future

MasterKey helps you clarify your change strategy and make it more credible, so that it can come alive in the field. We will help you to restore the confidence of those who still express doubt about the success of your decisions.

We will assist you in defining and starting a process of change which will :

  • take your operational priorities into account
  • mobilize all your human resources.