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Focusing on essentials

Our mission // Accelerating ... // Implementing your strategy taking the current realities of the field into account  

The board of directors can only communicate efficiently if they have a clear and credible strategy. But a strategy, and the changes it provokes, cannot put itself into place, especially when it demands efforts and sacrifices.

Five key factors for success

1 - Sharing the gist of your decisions

To implement your strategy in the field you need to convince the people whose work situation depends on your decisions, that you have made the best possible decision. Your decisions will not make everybody happy, but they are the best means to face the constraints of your environment collectively.

2 - Involving your management and your "opinion leaders"

To convince your managers and your opinion leaders, informing and reassuring them will not suffice. It will be necessary to allow them to put themselves in your place and to immerse themselves in your strategic environment. They should be able to experience, although briefly, the decision process that has led to the definition of your new strategy.

3 - Clarifying and simplifying processes and procedures

Change demands personal investment. Old habits and comfort zones should be abandoned. This will put extra strain on those who will have to change in spite of themselves, because of the common interest and the demands of the environment.

During the periods of transition and change – a major concern of modern companies – it is crucial to make life in the field easier. Everything that can be simplified should be simplified (reporting, dashboards, processes, procedures, rules, ...) to allow your teams to focus on the operational aspects and the achievement of their goals.

4 - Valorizing and making internal talent more responsible

The success of a process of change depends on the people within the company, not on external partners. External contribution is confined to giving support, to helping save time, to making the right choices. It is the directors, the management and all their collaborators within the company that will be responsible for success thanks to their willpower and their determination to change. MasterKey identifies the existing good practices and uses the internal talent to help them cope with their challenges and feel responsible for their choices and actions.

5 - Strengthening team spirit in the field

To face the pressure and the efforts that will result from your new strategy, promoting and strengthening teamwork becomes vitally important. Only by doing so will you be able to take the risks which you need to build your future. Faced with change, isolated people often feel overtaken by events. They forget how to reconcile productivity with change. They will only succeed in coping with their challenges if they work together as a team, if they organize themselves and feel prepared to support each other.