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Focusing on essentials

Our mission // Changing ... // Measuring and objectifying the irrational aspects of change 

If the desired change is directly or indirectly linked to the company’s culture and values, successful change can only be ensured by determining objectively what needs to be changed and by measuring it before and after the transition.

Determining rationally what needs to be changed at the human level

When managers have to become leaders, salespeople have to become proactive, technicians need to be more commercial, functional staff need to learn how to work ‘’result oriented’, it will always be very difficult to explain exactly what the required types of behaviour are.

Only when the new patterns of behaviour are perceptible will the transition period be over and the change prove successful. To help employees change their behaviour, you will have to explain which behaviour belongs to the past and which to the future, always taking all the people involved into account.

Recognizing and accepting differences in culture and values

A company’s culture is the sum of all its subcultures. Culture, mentality and revealing behaviour are linked to the activities and responsibilities of each employee. Salespeople, technicians and managers do not work in the same frame of mind, which is only natural. Someone who has to assess the risks when granting a client a loan will look at the problem from a different angle than someone who has to sell a loan to the same client. The company culture consists of what is common, not to a specific group, e.g. the board of directors, but to the entirety of functions and jobs which are characteristic of the company. Recognition of all these differences allows the employees to experience a common culture based upon values that everybody can identify with.

Determining and clarifying the new reference frame

To live together, to understand and trust each other, people need a common reference frame: language, clothes, rules for living in a community. When values and behaviour change, it is vital to determine a new reference frame.

For instance, when leadership becomes an essential attitude within your company, it needs to be clarified what ‘behaving like a leader’ exactly means. What does he have to do? What is he allowed to say or keep to himself? Next, your managers need help to understand and accept the sense of the developments that will require substantial efforts from them.