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Focusing on essentials

Our mission // Changing mentalities in the field

To be able to change mentalities in the field attention needs to be paid to the emotional dimension of change. The human factor has to be controlled. The irrational element has to be made objective and measurable. Above all, the motivation and culture of each person involved should be taken into account.

Helping everyone to control the human factor

The modifications to the structure, organization, strategy and methods form the rational dimension of change. Since modern companies are extremely complex entities, clarification and simplification are needed to help employees understand and accept their new working environment. It is always people that will have to carry out the work. And people do not change easily. They have their habits, reflexes and tendencies. They have been conditioned by their experiences, their past and their personalities.

They cannot be programmed or deprogrammed like machines. They are the only ones who have access to their personal programs. We can only help them to understand themselves and change their behaviour. They may try to act differently, under the influence their bosses or colleagues. And yet they will often allow, without really wanting to, their old habits to take the upper hand again.

Essential phases of mentality change

[+] 1. Measuring and objectifying the irrational aspects of change
[+] 2. Helping to understand the human dimension of change
[+] 3. Helping everyone to change their habits and reference points

Changing culture and values

To change your company’s culture and values, you need to start from the individuals that work there. Their experiences and values will help you gain a better understanding of the foundations on which the existing company culture was built. In fact, a company’s culture is the combination of acceptance and valorization of certain patterns of behaviour which respect the norms and rules defined by a community. These norms and rules differ from community to community.

To bring about a culture change in your company, you will first have to understand its basic elements. Only then can you help your collaborators to give up their old habits and take up new ones.

Creating a new common dynamic

When confronted with change, most people will feel vulnerable and destabilized.

You can help them change, leave the past behind and focus on the future. We advise you to bring them together in order to avoid isolation. You should give them the opportunity to express their doubts and fears and share them with their colleagues. But above all, you need to pay attention to their ideas, the progress they have already made and the success they have achieved. By creating a new group dynamic, by allowing individual employees to find support amongst each other and confront the new challenges together, we will make them stronger and more conscious, so that they will feel prepared to make all the efforts required.