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Focusing on essentials

Our mission // Optimizing... // Modernizing your essential processes and tools  

Permanent adaptation and continuous production increase compel the leadership teams to reorganize their teams constantly, to redistribute roles and responsibilities. All these changes will result in new structures, new functions, interactions, priorities and objectives.

Focusing on essentials

MasterKey helps you to sort things out, focus on essentials and find the 20% that will allow you to increase your performance by 80 %. Your teams need reference points and tools that save time and simplify instead of complicating their lives. Our experts will help you to apply this logic both at the operational and strategic level.

Adapting your processes and procedures

To ensure the successful implementation of change and to align your company with your strategy, it is essential to clarify, modernize and homogenize your:

  • Business processes
  • Sales processes
  • R&D processes
  • HR processes.
  • ...

Processes at the service of the operational staff

Processes must not be seen as obligations or theoretical concepts issued from the functional staff’s imagination. If processes do not offer guidance, directions and reference points to the operational staff, they will be criticized. Instead of trying to thwart processes, the operational staff should benefit from everything they have got to offer.

Simplifying to stimulate amelioration

By simplifying your main tools and processes, you will facilitate access to all the information needed to implement change and promote comprehension and support for your decisions. Your tools and processes should be simple and easy to manage. In this way valuable time will be saved, which your collaborators can use to reach their objectives.