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Focusing on essentials

Our mission // Optimizing ... // Identifying and organizing your key resources  

All strategic change, reorganization and adaptation will make it necessary for the leadership teams to assess the contribution of their human resources, the value of each individual and the position they occupy, not only today, but also within the new structure.

Selecting key people

Your final objective is to develop collective performance. But who should be responsible for what within your new structure? Who will occupy the new key positions? Who has the appropriate profile? Who is motivated by what kind of work? Who has the right potential? Who will succeed without overtaxing themselves, without needing training?

Clarifying key functions

To clarify the ideal profiles, it is essential to determine the operational dimensions of the new positions within the company in terms of the time and tasks required by each of their potential activities. Profiles will differ, according to the level of management, with clear and complementary values added to each of them.

Proceeding step by step

To put the right people in the right place, you need to :

  • Clarify or adapt the job profiles
  • Identify the ideal profiles
  • Attract the right candidates for the right positions
  • Detect the natural talent and preferences of the candidates
  • Clarify the differences between the candidates and the ideal profiles
  • Choose the best profiles on the basis of objective criteria
  • Announce who has been selected and who has not in a positive way
  • Define a development plan for those who still have to bridge a distance
  • Officialize the appointments and facilitate the integration of newcomers

Choosing the right key people is as important as choosing the right organization.
Putting the right people in the right places is one of the keys to success.