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Mobilizing Talent to meet Challenges

Our services // A la carte // Mobilizing - to make your meetings and business conventions more dynamic

Our clients often have the necessary competence and expertise. Yet, they sometimes need a partner to make their meetings easier, livelier and more dynamic, someone who takes care of the preparation and organization of business gatherings.

Masterkey offers you its extensive experience in the field of group mobilization – no matter how many people the groups consist of 10, 100, or 1,000.

Stimulating to execute and defend your decisions

Giving information - communicating what has been decided, explaining the how and the why - is often considered to be egocentric discourse, which helps the decision makers step into the spotlight instead of the executors. This creates barriers between the strategists, orators, decision makers and the audience. To avoid falling into the trap of apathy or resistance, we advise you to take the audience’s place and ask yourself on what conditions they would be prepared to support and execute your decisions.

The 3 key factors for a successful and mobilizing convention

Experience tells us that :

  • 30% of the success of a ‘High Mass’ depends on what happens before the meeting (consultation, involvement and preparation)
  • 40% on what happens during the meeting (participation, valorization and animation)
  • 30% on what happens after the meeting (traceability, application and continuity)

All too often our clients focus on the 40% of the meeting itself, while its success depends mainly on what happens before and after.

Working step by step without precipitation

To make your meetings and reunions more valuable and give them a new dynamic, we assist you in carefully :

  • analysing the participants’ expectations
  • clarifying your key messages and objectives
  • identifying the supporting themes and subjects
  • defining the guidelines and interventions
  • choosing the appropriate place and organization
  • making the participants feel involved and responsible
  • preparing the supporting communication
  • coaching the keynote as well as the other speakers
  • animating and coordinating all interventions