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Mobilizing Talent to meet Challenges

Our services // A la carte // Coaching - to implement your strategy in the field

Our advice will allow you to make the right decisions and lay out a mobilizing strategy. We can help you put it into place at all levels by supporting the directors, management and the teams in the field. We will give them the opportunity to achieve their objectives more easily and more quickly.

Supporting your management teams

Most companies lack the time and the means to put their new strategies into place quickly. The management teams have been reduced to a minimum, so that taking charge of change often becomes too difficult a task for them. Management is now often obliged to choose between productivity and change, habit and innovation, past and future, instead of reconciling them intelligently.

Finding the balance between change and productivity

MasterKey proposes to help you by reinforcing your management teams temporarily. We can give them a small boost, so that they will have sufficient time to establish your new priorities and tools. In this way, you will be able to maintain a high production level and strong motivation of your teams while implementing your new strategy in the field.

. Through individual or collective coaching our consultants can help your managers to :

  • Give your team members a sense of ownership of your strategy and decisions
  • Strengthen cooperation between and within your teams
  • Reconcile the diverse interests of your collaborators
  • Motivate the right persons to apply for the right positions
  • Make your teams more operational more quickly in case of transfer or promotion
  • Strengthen the leadership of your management team
  • Strengthen the coherence of your staff management
  • Involve and make staff accountable
  • Develop autonomy and initiative of your teams