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Mobilizing Talent to meet Challenges

Our services // Our ways of working

MasterKey is a complementary resource which does not substitute itself for your teams. Our only aim is to help you execute your strategy and decisions with our experience in the field of companies in transition.

Giving you only what you need

MasterKey assists you according to your needs :


We ensure the coordination and realization of all the actions needed to execute your strategic change, using the resources, tools and means that are already available. Our teams will only provide what you lack in terms of resources, concepts, methods, tools and operational support.


You pilot the change, making use of our expertise to accelerate and optimize your processes, to improve your tools and change mentalities. Our consultants, experts and specialists will help you to construct, field by field, all the missing elements required for the successful implementation of the change.

3.Service provider

Although you have the capacity and all the support and expertise you need to pilot the change, you want to make use of our animators, trainers and coaches to implement the strategic change more quickly. In that case, any kind of MasterKey collaborator(s) you need will be at your disposal.