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Mobilizing Talent to meet Challenges

Our services // Our tools to measure and provide new reference points

MasterKey uses practical tools which have been conceived and designed for companies. All our tools have been created in response to specific client needs. They improve and measure comprehension and support for your company’s strategy. They promote staff participation in the implementation of the strategy.

Providing new common reference points

In order to act differently and do better, individuals and teams need to stand back. They should understand how they behaved before and how they will behave after the transition. New reference points are essential to help them abandon the old ones and gradually use the new ones. Whenever behaviour needs to change – whether it concerns leadership, communication, responsibility or management – a new reference frame has to be built, using objective indicators based on perceptible patterns of behaviour.

Measuring development and progress

To make change successful, knowledge of what you want to leave behind and what you are heading for is vital. The trajectory and its various stages must be defined, but it is even more essential to know where everybody is positioned along the trajectory. MasterKey helps you to measure exactly the level of mobilization in the field. Each country, entity, department and team progresses step by step and meets obstacles that slow down change. At each moment of the transition, we indicate what they need to progress and develop further, so that they can reach their goals in the process of change.

Our major tools allow you to :