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Mobilizing Talent to meet Challenges

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Change cannot be imposed. It depends on a large number of rational and emotional elements. To master these elements, MasterKey has developed an implementation process that will help you manage the three main priorities, the 3 keys to success.

Our three main priorities

Priority n°1 : Organizing the transition

To make change successful and move from the old world into the new one, you must make clear which world you want to leave and which one to enter. How do they differ? What have they got in common? What will we keep doing the way it is done today? What will really change? Where and when? First MasterKey helps you put things into perspective. Next the change trajectory needs to be determined. We call it transition, the progressive change from one world into the other. What do we change first? And last? And what do we do in between? How can we find the balance between the tasks of the old world and those of the new one? How can we combine them temporarily? How can we modernize and produce simultaneously? What should we dedicate time and energy to in each phase of the transition process, at the level of the board of directors, management and, of course, all the other staff.

Priority n° 2 : Mobilizing the teams

Change requires clarification. All the different phases of the transition process need to be defined. Change consumes a lot of time and energy. The more you can mobilize your teams, the faster and the better change can be implemented. The board of directors cannot cope on their own with the problems of change. The involvement and responsibility of as many people as possible are required to transform strategic ideas into concrete action in the field in a fast and successful manner. Our intention is not to fully mobilize everyone. Some employees will always be less active than others. First MasterKey wants to mobilize the board of directors and management, next the opinion leaders and finally all the other collaborators to align the actions in the field and increase cohesion. We will also help you reassure the ‘worried’ employees and neutralize the opposition.

Priority n°3 : Managing competences

When the process is clear and the teams have been mobilized, change will progress gradually using all the internal means and competences. To accelerate change, performance may have to be improved by putting the right people in the right place and making sure that everyone is doing their utmost. By evaluating the available competences and potential, you will get a clear overview of the human resources that are at your disposal to face the challenges. On the basis of this evaluation, tasks and talents can be more easily matched. Once everyone is in the right place, it is time to reinforce talent and organize training for those who really need it. By proceeding in this way, MasterKey gives you the opportunity to use the means and the people already available within the company. Everyone should be given the position where they can be naturally efficient. If necessary, we can still help you recruit the missing competences.